BYU-Idaho Approved Freshman Housing

On-campus housing is great, if you can get in. But if you can't, you do have another great option. We understand freshmen and want to help make their first year at college a positive experience. We house freshmen with other freshmen as they prepare to receive their mission calls. We offer the option of living only with freshman or in an apartment mixed with returned missionaries.

Advantages of The Sunrise Village Freshman Program  

  • Navigating campus life together

  • Attending Get Connected (New Student Orientation)

  • Registering for missionary prep-classes together

  • Returning to Sunrise Village after your mission with friends

Dining Dollars and a Kitchen

Have the option of cooking a meal in your own kitchen while at the same time accessing all of the dining options on campus with Dining Dollars.  This allows you to learn to cook for your mission, but insuring that you have at least one or two decent meals a day. The Crossroads on Campus will give you a variety of options to choose from.

Optix Media Fiber Optics Internet

Our speeds will have you video chatting with Mom and Dad and completing your homework online with ease. We also provide a filter for you so you can feel secure while browsing the internet.


With the perfect location on the north end of campus, you will find access to not only what you need for school but for everyday life. You can find grocery stores, banks, restaurants, computer repair stores, and haircuts close by.

Freshmen and RM's

If you choose to live exclusively with other Freshmen you will still be able to associate with Returned Missionaries. Your apartment will be full of freshmen, but your neighbors will be RM's. You will go to church with RM's and develop friendships with them, but will be able to prepare for your own mission with your roommates.

Student Living Principles are Taught and Lived

Each apartment has their own student living coordinator that helps instruct them on the student living principles of Love, Shared Responsibility, and Mutual Respect. To help our students find success with their roommates we provide clean checks every other week and teach those principles when working with them.

Management is Superb

  • Available around the clock

  • 24 Hour Maintenance Repair Promise

  • Happy and Encouraging

  • Always willing to help

  • Great on advice and listening

We would love to have you stay at Sunrise Village! We'll help you have a great year!