Contract Dates

Contract Dates 2021-2022

These are the occupancy dates for all of BYU-Idaho Approved Housing.  Winter break is available for Winter Semester residents and we charge a flat rate of $125 for the break.  This cost is included for students who sign a combined Fall and Winter contract.  Spring Semester break is free for all Spring Residents.  Summer Session is a separately contracted block and is generally held for students also staying for the Fall Semester.   Early check-ins are offered as our maintenance and cleaning schedule allows and is determined one semester at a time.

Winter 2021

Check-in Monday, January 4th (8am)

Check-out Friday, April 9th (6pm)


Spring 2021

Check-in Friday, April 16th (8am)

Check-out Thursday, July 22nd (6pm)


Summer 2021

Check-in Saturday, July 24th (8am)

Check-out Thursday, September 9th (6pm)


Fall 2021

Check-in Friday, September 10th (8am)

Check-out Thursday, December 16th (6pm)


Winter 2022

Check-in Monday, January 3rd  (8am)

Check-out Friday, April 8th (6pm)


Spring 2022

Check-in Friday, April 15th (8am)

Check-out Thursday, July 21st (6pm)


Summer 2022

Check-in Saturday, July 23rd (8am)

Check-out Thursday, September 8th (6pm)


Fall 2022

Check-in Friday, September 9th (8am)

Check-out Thursday, December 15th (6pm)