Clean Checks

Every resident is deserving of a clean, orderly environment. A respectful roommate shares in the responsibility of keeping their apartment clean. To help in this process we hold clean checks each week. Please work together to assign each job to a member of your apartment. When you make cleaning assignments, only those who have failed will be asked to complete a re-checked the next during office hours and will be assessed a $5 fee. If the job fails a second time, a cleaning crew will be called in to complete the work for $35. When assignments are not made, all apartment residents are accountable to correct the work. We encourage reviewing assignments during apartment counsels.

First Month of the Semester (Sept, January, April)

  • Bedroom A:  Living Spaces
  • Bedroom B:  Kitchen
  • Bedroom C:  Bathroom

Second Month of the Semester (October, February, May)

  • Bedroom A:  Bathroom
  • Bedroom B:  Living Spaces
  • Bedroom C:  Kitchen

Third Month of the Semester (November, March, June)

  • Bedroom A:  Kitchen
  • Bedroom B:  Bathroom
  • Bedroom C:  Living Spaces


Bedroom Responsibilities

Review your apartment, moving all personal items into your personal space, leaving all community items in a community space. Make your bed with your personal mattress cover. De-clutter your room and remove all personal items, especially clothing, from the floor (excluding under your bed). Organize and dust storage areas.



Dishes, Sink, and Counters: Work with your roommates to wash their dishes. If they are unable to help in the task, it is your responsibility to clean and put away all of the dishes. Once the dishes are completed, clean and polish the sink, wipe down the window sill and any food on the walls. De-clutter and clean the coutner tops (dont' forget under the microwave). Take out any trash.

Kitchen Oven and Stovetop: Clean the stovetop of your range removing all food and spills. Wipe down the exterior of the oven and hood paying special attention to the underside of the hood. Wipe down the exterior of the oven, stove, and hood paying special attention to the underside of the hood and the inside of the oven, removing any food residue (black build-up).  Remove any unwanted or expired food from the fridge wiping down any spills in the interior.. Wipe down the exterior of the fridge. De-clutter dining area and wipe down furniture and move items to their original position.

Microwave: Wipe down the exterior microwave wiping the interior (don't forget the roof). Sweep, mop, or vacuum floors in the kitchen and dining area. 


Living Area, Garbage, and Front Porch 

Living Area: De-clutter your entry, living room, and hallways removing all garbage throughout the apartment. Dust the furniture, window, and other necessary surfaces. Vacuum or sweep carpets and flooring including the hallway. 

Front Porch: The front porch is not for personal item storage. Please remove any items like car equipment, wood, or old supplies.  Take down any old decorations. Wipe the front door inside and out. Take out any trash.  Sweep the landing and clean any chalk or art.



Vanities and Mirror: Work with your roommates to de-clutter the vanity areas before returning the removed items. Wipe down the sink and polish the fixtures. Declutter and wipe out any storage areas or shelving. Clean the mirrors. Sweep and mop all floors and baseboards.

Tub/Toilet: Clean the tub/shower each week. Temporarily remove all items from the shower and vanities. Wipe down the shower walls, shelves, tub bottom, walls, and trim. Polish all fixtures in the tub and sinks. Sweep and mop all floors and baseboards