When it comes to choosing an apartment, it can be a difficult task. As a student looking for somewhere close to campus or searching for the perfect place to settle down, there is so much to consider. Not only must you find the right fit in terms of space and amenities, but making sure you choose the right apartment could mean the difference between a happy home, or a long-term nightmare. 

The good news is that with some careful consideration and research, choosing the right apartment doesn't have to be as daunting a task as it might seem. This article will give you as a student valuable advice on choosing apartments that are perfect for your needs.

The Benefits of Living Close to Campus

It allows students to take full advantage of all that their college or university offers, such as access to libraries, gyms, cafeterias, and more. Living close by also provides convenience when it comes to attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities. Finally, living near your school gives you an opportunity to meet new people and build friendships with those who share similar interests.

Saving Time and Money on Commuting

Not having to worry about finding parking or buying a bus pass can be a huge relief, especially for students who are already stretched for time. Additionally, living nearby may mean shorter rides to class, as well as shorter wait times at bus stops. This not only saves you time, but also money that could be spent on other things such as food or textbooks. Furthermore, it encourages exercise by walking or biking, which is far more cost-effective than other forms of transportation.

Being More Involved in Campus Life and Activities

Students can participate in student-led clubs and organizations, take part in class events, or attend sporting matches. Being close to campus also provides access to on-campus services, such as counseling centers and career centers which can help students gain better insights and guidance for their studies. It will give you an edge in staying informed about important deadlines for tuition fees or extracurricular activities, allowing them to make better decisions about their education.

Having More Opportunities to Build Relationships With Peers and Professors

This can be done through attending classes, participating in student-led organizations, or simply by talking with classmates during breaks between lectures. Furthermore, living near the school gives one the ability to easily attend office hours with professors or arrange meetings with advisors. It also encourages face-to-face communication since proximity is no longer a challenge. This can create opportunities for students to get more individualized help and support that they might not have had if they lived further away. Building these relationships will not only strengthen academic performance, but also foster growth in personal development.

Shared Rooms vs. Private Rooms

When it comes to privacy, opting for a private room is the best option. When you live alone, you have complete discretion over who is allowed to visit you, when they can come, and how often. In addition, having your own room gives you greater freedom in terms of security and personal space. Having a private room might make all the difference in whether you are an introvert or simply need to focus on your work or study in solitude. 

On the other hand, shared accommodations offer a chance to make friends and develop ties with classmates. This may be beneficial for extroverted students who wish to learn from others and be part of a community while pursuing their studies. In the end, both shared and private apartments have their pros and cons, so choosing the right one will depend on each individual’s needs.

Lower Costs

Rent prices tend to decrease the closer one gets to the school, as well as the more people are willing to share a space. This means that students who opt for shared apartments or those who look for efficiency units will have access to lower-cost housing options. Moreover, living near campus may also allow you to have more available funds to perhaps save or to have the option of having time and money for leisure on-off periods.

Social Opportunities

Living close to campus provides students with the chance to meet new people and make connections. Students can attend events or join student-led organizations, giving them the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. Finally, proximity also allows for more socializing while in class or during breaks building quality relationships, and spending quality time with friends. Ultimately, living close by gives students more opportunities for growth and possibly more flexible times for getting together, having a meal, and just having fun activities.

Nearby Amenities

Living close to campus can also provide students with access to a variety of amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, and parks. Additionally, having close proximity to public transport can allow for easier access to the surrounding areas. It also allows for more leisure activities such as visiting museums or attending cultural events hosted near the university. Ultimately, living near campus gives students an advantage in exploring nearby neighborhoods while still being able to take full advantage of their university experience.

Grocery Stores

When it comes to choosing the right apartment near a university, having access to grocery stores can be a major factor. Grocery stores provide students with convenient access to fresh and affordable food for health and wellness. Additionally, living close to grocery stores allows students to save time that might otherwise be spent commuting to get their groceries. Ultimately, closer grocery stores make life easier and more convenient for students who don’t have the time or resources for an extended shopping trip elsewhere.


Having nearby theaters, restaurants, and other leisure activities, can broaden the student’s experience making it more enjoyable and fun. Ultimately, having various types of entertainment opportunities nearby allows students to make their college experience even more memorable.

Potential Jobs

This can be an advantage for those who are looking for more flexible working arrangements while they attend their classes. Additionally, having access to multiple employers nearby can give students a better understanding of the job market and help them gain valuable experience that would otherwise not be available. It will also give them the opportunity to work part-time, receiving an income while studying.

In conclusion, living close to a university offers several advantages that should be taken into consideration when seeking housing options. From cost savings and convenience to entertainment possibilities and potential job opportunities, proximity can make a big difference in one’s college experience. Ultimately, finding the perfect apartment near the university will depend on each individual’s needs and preferences.

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