Moving into a new place can be an exciting new step in your life. You might already be thinking about how you can personalize your new crib. At this point, you may spend hours on Pinterest or take afternoon walks down the home decor aisle of Target. You might have a vision of what your new home could become, but there’s just one tiny little thing stopping you from becoming the Picasso of interior design, and that’s because your new pad is a rental.

While renting does come with a few more house rules regarding home renovations compared to owning a home, there are still many creative ways you can dress up your rental unit to make it feel like your own space.

You may not be able to paint your own murals on the walls, but check out these 8 rental-friendly decorating hacks that will add some life and energy to your apartment complex.

1. Bedding

A great place to start to feel comfortable in your living space is by making your bedroom feel like home with the right bedding. Your own pillows and throw blankets will make a huge difference in making your new room your comfort zone.

If you are somebody who likes to change up your style frequently, consider getting a duvet with a variety of duvet covers. A duvet is a thin, plush, quilt-like blanket. They make a lot of different duvet covers that are like sheets that wrap all the way around the duvet like a pillowcase does to a pillow. Having a variety of different duvet covers in different colors and prints can help you have more creative freedom in expressing yourself through your bedroom decor.

If you are looking for fashionable, yet inexpensive bedding, check out discount stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, or Walmart.

2. Add Accent Pieces

A great way to show some of your personality in your apartment is by using accent pieces to make a statement. Accent pieces are decorations you add to compliment your existing furniture and home decor such as a decorative pillow or a throw. Express yourself! Find pieces that speak to you and really make your home stand out. You can look for decorations that are colorful, vintage, or go for a modern and chic look.

When looking for an accent piece that can make a statement all on its own, look for shapes, textures, and colors that are striking against your furniture. You can look for fun patterns and prints or standout textures like plush velvet, and leather.

3. Add Lighting

Everyone prefers different lighting in their home. Some like cool, soft lights that are easy on the eyes while others like warm, bright lights that keep you awake and alert. You can always add lamps around your place with your preferred lighting. This simple addition can be a practical way to spruce the place up with many options for unique designs.

4. Get Plants

Are you a plant parent with a natural green thumb and a love for propagating? Or maybe you can’t even keep a succulent alive? Whether you add real or artificial plants to your home, adding plants can make the place feel more alive and welcoming.

In fact, studies have shown that having plants around your home can have many positive impacts on your health such as lowered stress and anxiety, improved moods, and improved focus. Not only do you get to add some life and beauty to your home with plants, but they are also great for your mental health.

5. No Need to Hang Artwork

Instead of stressing over how to hang up artwork and having to patch up holes afterward, try using your furniture to display your artwork. Artwork does not have to be nailed to a wall to spruce the place up. Get a funky shelf to display your artwork! Pieces can be put anywhere like on top of tv stands, counters, dressers, coffee tables, or even custom stands and easels.

6. Use Command Hooks

Command hooks can be used for a lot of your hanging needs. Use heavy-duty command hooks for hanging coats or towels. Command hooks can also be used to hang planters, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and electronics. They are an easy way to help you decorate and stay organized.

These are great for rentals because they are easy to remove when you are done with them. They are also reusable if you purchase extra adhesive backs for when you move them.

7. Add Small Decorative Touches

Adding small decorations here and there really makes a difference in the overall aesthetic of your apartment. It’s the little things like coasters, table runners, or framed photos that can instantly make the place feel more like home. Not to mention, small decorative pieces are usually pretty cost-effective too.

8. Get Organized

Adding small organizational storage pieces to your rental place will help the place look cleaner and more put together. By having a good storage system to declutter your things, your home decor will stand out more. Instead of people focusing on little knick-knacks lying around, they will be more intrigued by the artwork and other decor pieces that you intentionally placed around your apartment.

Additional storage options that are rental friendly include small baskets or trays that can be put on counters or tabletops, totes that can be tucked under the bed or stacked in your closet, and small plastic drawers.

When it comes to loving where you live, you shouldn’t feel confined or restricted in expressing yourself through your home decor. Decorating your living space is important to help you thrive and feel settled. The environment that you live in should make you feel comforted, at peace, and energized.

Even if you are living in student housing, there are still so many ways to decorate that will allow you to love every inch of your space while still respecting the rules of your apartment management. Hopefully, these student housing friendly decorating hacks leave you feeling inspired and empowered to decorate to your heart’s content.