Your first day of college is just around the corner. A new environment and heightened expectations are enough to intimidate the most prepared of students. To ensure you’re ready for your first day of classes, prepare yourself with a few essential items for your campus excursions.

  1. Computer

Your laptop is about to become your new best friend. As online assignments and student portals become more prevalent on campuses throughout the world, having your trusty laptop on hand can provide the extra convenience to complete tasks. On the first day of class, it’s not uncommon for a professor to request students to access an online syllabus. Additionally, homework and assignments are likely going to be accessed from online portals, making your computer your most important tool in the toolbox.

  1. Student ID Card

For student discounts, access to buildings, or campus amenities, your student ID card is likely required on hand. It can get you into the gym or offer better deals in your school’s bookstore. Usually containing your student ID number, this traditionally acts as your personal code for online access for registration or logging in to school computers.

  1. Pens and Pencils

Coming prepared with black, blue, and red pens along with an assortment of pencils is essential for almost all formal college classes. Some professors require particular colors or styles of writing utensils for assignments, tests, or exams. Alternatively, laptops are equally acceptable forms of writing platforms, allowing you to send documents or upload assignments as required by your instructor. Having a rounded amount of options will prepare you for any situation on your first day of class.

  1. Paper

As one of the most essential assets for any college student, a notebook for jotting down notes and reminders is invaluable for almost any situation. Spontaneous assignments or pop quizzes are notorious in college environments, making a simple notebook and pen more than helpful to have available in your backpack. Relying on electronics can prove problematic without having been charged, or outputting sluggish responsiveness when crucial note taking is required.

  1. Planner

Your planner could range from an organized, physical agenda or a calendar app on your phone. With incoming due dates and project planning timelines, being able to organize your information in easily accessible formats can make or break the grade. Without having to rely solely on memory or uncertainties, do yourself a favor and jot it down for later.

  1. Snack

Depending on your schedule, finding time to re-energize may prove more challenging throughout your daily routines. You might even find professors who allow food and drinks within class, so plan accordingly when refueling your body. Not only can implementing a healthy diet increase your memory and cognitive skills, it can provide you with the necessary energy to continue classes throughout the day.

However you approach your first day of college, do so with the proper preparedness outlined by the course descriptions. You’ll be less stressed and more equipped to handle anything your classes throw your way. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and refer to student services for any issues, they’re there to provide help and resources to enable you to succeed in your new college environment.

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