Decorating your apartment in college is one way that you can make it feel more like home. And it’s a great way to learn your own style for when you do have your own home someday.

Of course, with apartment living, you are limited to how you can decorate your living space. You don’t want to do any damage that would prevent you from getting your deposit back or cause additional expenses at move out.

So, to make your Sunrise Village experience more enjoyable, we’ve put together these no-damage decorating tips for your apartment. Bring in your own style while keeping the walls in-tact.

Blankets and pillows

Every apartment is more cozy with blankets and pillows. Use these as colorful accent pieces to drape across your couches, place a cute basket in the corner full of small blankets, or get a blanket ladder to display your blankets along the wall.

Each of your roommates can contribute to the blanket collection! And then you can pull these out for maximum comfort during a movie night with friends.

Small plants

Plants are a great way to bring a little life into any living space, whether you keep it to yourself on your desk or place it on a shelf in the living room. Place your plants in decorative containers that match the rest of your decorations.

Here are a few plants that need little attention to thrive:

  • Succulents
  • Aloe vera
  • Cactus
  • Snake plant
  • Bamboo

Or if you want some multipurpose plants, try a mason jar herb garden!

If you’re not confident in your ability to keep plants alive, particularly through the cold Idaho winters, you can always find fake plants that mimic the look of their living counterparts.

Wall art

There are ways to display your wall art without damaging the walls. You might have to limit the size and weight of your displays, but you can still make your walls inviting even with these limitations.

Yes, this is when we tell you to use command hooks! You can find tons of variations in command hooks at Walmart or even Amazon to fit your needs. Hang up paintings, macramés, group photos of you and your roommates, and other framed pieces with command hooks that won’t damage your walls.

You can also hang up posters and pictures with double-sided painters tape or sticky tack.


Brighten up your space or bring in some relaxing ambiance with some different lighting features. Obviously, we’re not telling you to change out the current lighting fixtures, but you can bring in additional lights like lamps and strings of lights.

Add a standing lamp to the corner of your living room to change the lighting every now and then. Or place a small desktop lamp on a table or in your study space. Hang starry lights across the walls or your ceiling to bring in the night sky.

Use different types of lighting to bring the character that you want to your apartment.


We’re not going to let you tear out the carpets, but you can bring in small rugs to give a little more personality to your space. Use rugs to help pull together your color scheme or to add a unique focal point to the living room.

You can also place a welcome mat outside your door (or right inside) to add the inviting touch as you have guests over.

Have fun with it!

You’re out on your own now! Take advantage of the freedom to learn more about yourself and what you like–even with just the little things like decorating your apartment.

You can even make a day out of it with your roommates to get to know each other better. Pool some resources and go to DI or Walmart to get a few new decorations or use items that you already have.

Have fun and make it your own.