Not all dates need to be extravagant and let’s be honest, you probably can’t afford it anyway. Besides, date nights shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money, they should be about spending a lot of time with the person you care about. This list can give you an idea of some affordable date night options that your significant other will appreciate.

Ice Skating
Weather in February is fickle, and usually quite cold. So, while you are already buddled up, why not go ice skating? Ice skating is a popular date choice because it gives you an excuse to hold on to your partner and snuggle close to them to keep warm. Even though ice skating isn’t an easy activity, it will have you and your date laughing the night away as you slip, slide, fall, and cling to the wall. Once you’ve had your fill of ice skating, grab some hot cocoa and go for a walk!

Comedy Show
Instead of doing your typical date night of dinner and a movie, why not change it up a bit and go to a comedy show? Many nights are memorable because of the laughs—so make this a date to remember by watching comedians tell jokes that you can reminisce on later. If you can’t go to a live show, find some of your favorite sketches online and make a comedy night at home. Make it special by having both of your favorite snacks available.

Escape Room
If you are looking to test the wits in your relationship, go to an escape room. Escape rooms are full of difficult tests to measure your cleverness and ability to handle high-pressure situations. You might see a different side of your partner, but the date night will be undoubtedly memorable. You can choose from a variety of different escape rooms and find a theme to fit your fancy. After you’ve conquered the room, find some ice cream to celebrate.

Dates can seem overwhelming when you don’t have a lot of spare change to offer. However, you can still have fun by keeping it simple. Remember, it’s not about the money, it’s about the time that you are spending together. Since the weather is already cold and snowy, use that to your advantage by going sledding. The two of you will have a blast as you race down the hill and feel like kids again. Bring along some hot chocolate and hand warmers to keep you cozy as you go.

Board Games
If you want to invite some friends in on the fun, host a board game date night at your apartment. Including other couples on your dates can help you find more activities that you can all do together. Game nights are simple, but they bring friends together (as long as you don’t play Monopoly, that is). Have people bring their favorite board games for a hodge-podge of different options for the night.

When you live at Sunrise Village Apartments, you can plan a game night in our lounge or entertainment area for a great group date. 

Each day is a great day to spend time with the people you love to show them that you care. The date you plan doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated as long as you are together. Though it doesn’t hurt if the date also involves a treat.