So you’re going to attend BYU-Idaho? Congrats! That means you need to begin looking for approved student housing. Where should you start? With approximately 47 housing options for women and 56 for men, each promising the best student living situation, it’s tough to make a decision. As you tour apartments, be sure to visit Sunrise Village apartments. Sunrise Village provides a truly incredible living experience with several highlights to look forward to.

Men and Women Housing
Some student apartments around Rexburg host only men or only women but Sunrise Village rooms both. This means many members in your ward and family home evening group will be located within your complex. That sure beats walking to a nearby complex to meet up with your FHE sister/brothers, especially in the winter. With all the apartments so close together, there is an incredible social atmosphere that any student living there would enjoy.

Apartment Cleanliness
All of the apartments at Sunrise Village are clean and have a roomy, comfortable look and feel. Two apartment options that are offered at Sunrise Village are modern and classic. The layout and features are the same in both apartments, however, the modern apartments have been recently re-modeled and therefore cost a little more. The fact that tenants have a choice to save money is a huge benefit, especially if granite countertops aren’t your biggest concern.

The ever-important factor of location is not an issue for tenants of Sunrise Village apartments. The students living here are perfectly positioned for short walks to campus and the heart of Rexburg. They are across the street from the north end of campus, closest to the Spori and Smith buildings and they are next to Cafe Rio, Papa John’s, Port of Subs, and The Cocoa Bean. Main Street is just about two blocks north of the apartments offering a variety of shops and services, including a Brouhlims grocery store.

The list of amenities featured at Sunrise Village goes on and on, like free laundry and lounges for game nights! The social atmosphere is boosted with a basketball court, patio/grilling areas, pool and ping pong tables, and a hammock park. During the spring semester, you will want to set up your hammock and never leave. The complex is equipped with tons of features and amenities to make your living experience fantastic.

Price is king when searching for student housing. Apartments typically range from anywhere between $850 - $1700 a semester. Many apartments are charging $1200 or more a semester. Sunrise Village charges between $1,075 and $1,125 a semester depending on your chosen option. They charge less than many places around town, even with the newly renovated apartments and the many great amenities they offer. Some apartments charge a lower rent price due to the fact that they aren’t up to snuff with the newer apartments going up around town. That isn’t the case with Sunrise Village. Quality apartments at a great price are not found in every apartment complex.

The housing options go on for days around BYU-Idaho, but Sunrise Village is the obvious choice. Here, you have a killer location, a great social life with the opportunity to make close and lasting friendships, awesome amenities, and a price-to-living situation that can’t be beaten. Plus, you can smell Cafe Rio from your front door! There is no better place to live in Rexburg, so apply now to live at Sunrise Village!