How well do you really know your roommates? Sure, you share the same living space and cross paths here and there, but it’s hard to get to know each other between everyone’s busy schedules of classes, working, and dating. Whether you're a new college freshman or a seasoned student with new roommates, set aside some time for roommate bonding with these fun (and free) activities.

Family Dinner

We all miss those delicious, home-cooked meals mom would make back home, so why not take a break from the ramen and mac n’ cheese by having a roommate family dinner? Try and find a night that everyone will be home (Sundays work well), and make arrangements for who’s making what.

Take a trip to the grocery store together to gather the ingredients for a big meal, or raid your cupboards and fridge to see what everyone can contribute. Whether it’s a three-course meal or frozen burritos, the key is to get everyone involved.

Movie Night

Rather than bingeing on Netflix in bed by yourself, invite your roommates to watch a movie with you in the living room. If your apartment could use a little cleaning inspiration, try watching a few episodes of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

If everyone is busy doing homework or cooking dinner, then throw something on for background noise to get you laughing here and there. The Office is a good go-to if you don’t want to get too distracted but you still need a good laugh during your American Foundations homework.


Next time you go to the gym, invite one or more of your roommates to go with you. If you’re struggling to keep to a strict gym schedule, then it may be nice having someone who lives with you to keep you accountable and motivated to keep going.

Working out doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym. Invite your roommates to yoga, cycling, or other fitness classes on campus in the evenings. Another fun option is to find an at-home workout video on Netflix or YouTube and put it up on the TV screen. Push the couches out of the way and get everyone in sync.


Capture the good times this semester by taking pictures with your roommates. Find a friend with a decent camera or use whoever’s phone has the best camera on it, and scout out some fun photo locations! Try snapping shots at the sand dunes, nature park, or fun mural walls around town.

If it happens to be the fall semester, then create a silly Christmas card to give to friends and family back home. If a full-fledged photoshoot just isn’t working out, then at least snap a photo together in your Sunday best after church one day.

Video Game Tournament

Bring out everyone’s competitive side by having a video game tournament. Everyone needs a little bit of a break from homework, and what better way to de-stress than to get your competitive blood pumping? Challenge your roommates to a Mario Kart battle and keep track of scores on a sheet of paper.

Make it a little more exciting by making the last-place finalist do everyone’s dishes the next day. Get creative with an award for the overall winner, such as, “losers have to do his/her cleaning task next clean check.”

Get to know your roommates a little better this semester by inviting them to join in on apartment activities. Don’t worry about spending any money by doing things like making dinner, watching movies/tv shows, working out, doing photoshoots, and having video game tournaments. Not only are you bonding with your roommates, but it’s free!